The House of Flowing Reflections

Solo exhibition, pavilion for the Bangkok Biennial 2018,
curated by Moom mong collective
Eah Seng Building, Bangkok

The House of Flowing Reflections is an immaterial space and an entity that incarnates once every rare moons. Its ephemeral form is a house of images and sounds, of moving perceptions, threading through different temporalities, integrating local narratives and fragments of larger scales. Layering from the mundane, the imagined and the forgotten, the House of Flowing Reflections is a porous space that infuses with its surroundings and reflects back the unremarked. This year the House of Flowing Reflections took form in the Eah Seng building. Conceived in the shape of a merchant boat, the Eah Seng building was built following strong Feng Shui principles of energy flow and is the tangible result of a house imagined by an ancestor to navigate through life. In this specific place, the House of Flowing Reflections became a moving boat navigating and circulating through Chinatown, capturing the reflections in the waters onto its walls: images of its surroundings and beyond, tracing an imaginary journey of fluidity and movement.