Eye Your Ear

video installation 9'05"

“Eye your ear” takes as a starting point how we develop our imagination through language. The work explores the poetic possibilities of non-vocal languages, focusing on Thai Sign Language (TSL) and expanding to non-verbal languages. The project takes the form of a multi-channel film installation, experimenting with the blurred territory of gestures that signify and suggest, and playing with visual representations of language and dialogue.
Guessing, projecting, interpreting, translating, or simply trying to feel; the dynamics of understanding (and misunderstanding) are multiple. What senses do we turn to when we do not understand? What relationship can we bridge with sole bodily and intuitive understanding? 

Conjuring the notions of illusion, frames of narration and projected images, the installation plays with possible parallels and dialogues between Sign Language and film.

/ installation view, Early Years Projects #4 : Praxis Makes Perfect, Bangkok Arts and Culture Center, 2019 /